Morning CheckUp: May 17, 2012

Planned Parenthood pushes back against Ohio bill: “Advocates for Planned Parenthood centers in Ohio packed a legislative hearing to show opposition to a measure that would send them to the back of the line to receive family planning money. Opponents say it will largely cut or altogether eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood.” [AP]

States must submit insurance exchanges plans by November: “States must provide details to the federal government by Nov. 16 — just 10 days after the presidential election — on how they will run online insurance marketplaces, according to guidance released Wednesday. Those that don’t meet the deadline — or that can’t operate their own marketplaces, called exchanges — will have it done for them by the federal government, starting in January 2014.” [Kaiser Health NewsCourt weighs whether to life age restriction on emergency contraception: “A federal district court in New York is weighing whether to force the federal government to lift the age restrictions on over-the-counter sale of emergency contraceptives.” [Politico]

FDA delays deadline for sunscreen labels: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has delayed by six months rules on the marketing of sunscreen originally set to go into effect this summer, saying the extra time was needed to avoid supply shortages.” [Reuters]

Brain ailments in veterans likened to those in athletes: “Scientists who have studied a degenerative brain disease in athletes have found the same condition in combat veterans exposed to roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, concluding that such explosions injure the brain in ways strikingly similar to tackles and punches.” [New York Times]


Half as many women die during pregnancy, childbirth as in 1990: “The report finds that 287,000 women died in pregnancy in 2010 — a staggering number that still comes off as progress when compared with the 543,000 women who died in pregnancy in 1990.” [Christian Science Monitor]