‘Morning Joe’ Slams Romney For Medicare Hypocrisy, Scaring Seniors In Florida

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tore into Mitt Romney this morning for falsely claiming that President Obama is the only president “in history that’s cut Medicare by $500 billion” and scaring senior citizens about the future of the program. “It’s pathetic!” Scarborough exclaimed, before pointing out that Romney himself supports large reductions to the program and has endorsed Paul Ryan’s Medicare reforms:

SCARBOROUGH: That is the most shameful demagoguery that I have heard on the campaign trail yet this year. To tell senior citizens that the program that is going to bankrupt America unless we figure out a way to bend the cost curve, is going to be protected forever and can you believe that Barack Obama cut $500 billion from it? It’s just unspeakable…it is unspeakable, because this country is going bankrupt and Mitt Romney is trying to scare senior citizens — you know what? It’s what we called Mediscare in ’95 and ’96. It was pathetic when Bill Clinton did it it’s pathetic when Mitt Romney does it, it’s pathetic when he does it because of Medicare Advantage. Pathetic.

Watch it:


“And Mitt Romney’s on record as supporting Paul Ryan’s plan, which as far as I remember it, actually takes huge, makes huge savings/cuts to Medicare,” New York Magazine’s John Heilemann added. Indeed, the Ryan plan fundamentally transforms Medicare’s structure into a guaranteed contribution program, significantly reduces its growth rate, and actually maintains many of the savings included in the Affordable Care Act. Romney himself has introduced very similar reductions as part of his own Medicare proposal.