Morrison v. Millsap

“Hollinger has Millsap as his early Rookie of the year? Do you agree with that?” Chris Sheridan does not agree: “I’d have to go with Morrison right now, but it’s very, very early, and I like what I see out of Millsap.” Sheridan is apparently working from the “raw scoring totals are the only statistic that matters” school of basketball analysis with Morrison’s 14.4 points per game giving him the edge over Paul Millsap’s 7.3 ppg. And, hey, if Morrison scores almost twice as many points, he must be better, right? Well, he also happens to play more than twice as many minutes. And, despite the much greater playing time, actually secures fewer raw steals, blocks, and rebounds — never mind per-minute adjustments. What’s more, Morrison shoots poorly from the field (.385%) and from the line (.684%) leading to a TS% of 46.7 percent to Millsap’s 63.2 percent.

Note that the Bobcats’ offense is better with Morrison off the court, which, while hardly the be-all end-all of analysis, is not a good sign for a pure scorer. I don’t see this as even close.