Most Biased Poll Ever: Ex-Gay Organization Surveys Its Therapists And Clients

People Can Change is an ex-gay program that targets men with “unwanted same-sex attractions” and takes them on bizarre weekend retreats for a “Journey Into Manhood.” Its founder, Rich Wyler, was profiled by NPR last year for being ex-gay, but NPR failed to mention the fact that he profits off of this junk therapy to the tune of $200,000 a year, $50,000 of which goes directly into his pocket. To promote their next weekend retreat, the group has released a survey it did of “people who have experienced or are seeking sexual-orientation change, as well as therapists and leaders of ministries that support such change efforts,” and the results are laughable:

  • 53 percent of respondents said their unwanted homosexual behaviors were reduced or eliminated.
  • 38 percent said heterosexual attractions emerged or increased.
  • 58 percent said any remaining homosexual attractions became less troubling.
  • 69 percent said their self-esteem improved.
  • 69 percent said their shame diminished.
  • 71 percent became more self-accepting.
  • 66 percent felt more at peace.

The sample of this study is people who profit off of bogus junk science and their brainwashed victims. These numbers have absolutely no validity and are part of Wyler’s scheme to reinforce society’s heterosexism while lining his pockets. Every major medical organization has said that sexual orientation cannot be changed and that the most helpful way to counsel people struggling with their identity is to affirm it and help them to do the same. If attractions are unwanted, only the “unwanted” can actually change.

Ted Cox once went undercover to Journey Into Manhood, and opened his tell-all by describing the erection he felt from the man sitting behind him in “The Motorcyle” hold. The entire weekend is dedicated to exploring (hypothetically non-sexual) male-male intimacy, which may very well create the illusion of help by actually just providing a fix for the men in attendance. How shameful that the very experience that seemingly allows them to feel comfortable with who they are is used to reinforce just how wrong they should feel about who they are. The psychological manipulation is obvious, and reprehensible.

Watch the new “Journey Into Manhood” promotional video: