MoveOn Members Overwhelmingly Support Health Reform

I said earlier this week that I thought a lot of people were looking at the FDL-centered blog opposition to the current health care reform legislation and vastly overstating the extent to which “the left” was in rebellion against the bill.

Greg Sargent notes the results of a survey of MoveOn members that supports my view:

Should MoveOn support or oppose the final health care bill if it looks like the plan recently proposed by President Obama?

Support 83Oppose 17


Obviously, Jane Hamsher and others are entitled to their idiosyncratic brand of left-opposition to universal health care. But the point I want to emphasize is that theirs is a pretty marginal point of view. “The left,” in both its traditional institutional forms (unions, civil rights groups) and its online grassroots forms (MoveOn) is very firmly behind this bill. Someone just has to tell Mike Capuano.