Movies I’ve Seen This Weekend

Transformers 3: Clearly the best of the Transformers films, but if invading alien robots are using Chicago as a base from which to destroy the entire planet I think the appropriate response is going to be a nuclear strike on Chicago. That said, I was impressed by Michael Bay’s vision of Washington, DC as a city full of skyscrapers and tall buildings with sufficient housing supply that a young couple can afford an awesome duplex loft. Well done.

Midnight in Paris: Maybe it’s just me, but I found myself persistently irritated by the fact that nobody has a cell phone. Maybe that’s because they’re all Verizon customers or have turned their international data roaming off, but even so for years now when I’ve traveled abroad there’s frequent discussion from the suddenly device-less about how disconcerting this is. On the other hand, it’s a movie about nostalgia so….