Moving To Job Opportunities Is An Expensive Proposition (Unless You Go To Cleveland)

On Ryan Avent’s twitter feed this morning he made the observation that this list of the top ten cities for job openings per capita also includes some of America’s most expensive metropolitan areas. Intern to the blog stars Matt Cameron quantified this a bit more rigorously by looking up Zillow’s data on home sale prices per square foot. Data wasn’t available for Austin, number ten on the job opportunities list, so we’ve got the other nine:

In seven out of nine cases, the hot job markets are more expensive than average. This means that it may be very difficult for the typical American to afford to relocate to the Bay Area or the DC-Baltimore area even though these are places where jobs are plentiful. Charlotte and Cleveland are both considerably smaller, so the high ratio of job opportunities to people represents a small total number of jobs, but moving to those cities is a much cheaper proposition.