MSNBC Host Grills RNC Communications Director Over Trump’s Campaign Tactics

Sean Spicer struggled to defend Trump campaign smears.

Two days after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attacked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as a “bigot,” his party’s chief spokesman floundered under strong questioning on Friday over the Trump campaign’s recent tactics.

After Republican National Committee Communications Director Sean Spicer claimed Clinton’s Thursday speech about Trump’s history of racism and ties to white supremacists was nothing more than a desperate “pivot,” MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle pressed Spicer to defend Trump’s claims that Clinton was the real racist.

Spicer called Clinton’s claims “outlandish” and tried to change the subject to the controversy around the Clinton Foundation.

Ruhle responded, “It is not outlandish to go after Hillary Clinton’s health? For Rudy Giuliani to say, ‘Google Hillary Clinton and health.’ That’s not outlandish?”


An agitated Spicer declined to address the widely-debunked smears of Clinton’s health, claiming that it was simply a media double standard.


Asked then to explain what Trump policies would improve life for African Americans, Spicer noted that Trump had been discussing “small business lending, educational opportunities,” as well as “national security and taxes.”