Must see: Photographing Climate Change

The above pics are the Matterhorn, 1960 and 2006. The website DoubleExposure explains:

Global warming is affecting our planet in countless ways, not in some remote future, but today. DOUBLEXPOSURE documents one aspect of the warming climate through fine-art photography that brings the viewer into panoramas of glaciers once grand but now receding. The compelling comparisons put into stark view the fact of melting glaciers.

The actual photos are going on display in a few cities:

DOUBLEXPOSURE has an exhibition of paired photographs and educational panels to be presented at museums and galleries across the United States.

  • Springs Preserve: Las Vegas, Nevada — January 5 through March 31 of 2009
  • The Utility Exploration Center: Roseville, California — April 16 through June 5 of 2009
  • Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art and Science: Fresno, California — May 9 through July 4, 2010

A small, but useful, way to show people what is happening to our planet now. For some, only seeing is believing.

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