Must-See Video of Youth in Copenhagen

Blame Canada!

This is an excerpt from a post by Campus Progress’s Tommaso Boggia.

I saw two videos this morning from yesterday, the Youth and Future Generation day, that exemplify the challenges that we face as young people in trying to shape the negotiations. These videos convey the frustrations, hopes, anger, and compassion that young people from the developing world are facing as they see their negotiators and their nations’ mainstream media delay and misinform. If you do one thing today to stay on track with what’s happening in Copenhagen today, watch these videos.

The first one is a follow-up to the action that U.S. youth organized to disrupt climate denier and AIDS-detention-camp advocate Chris Monckton (he likes to be called Lord, but I don’t care). You can see a video of that action here.

[JR: I posted the first video here — Lord Monckton meltdown: “I’m not going to shake the hands of Hitler youth.”]


The second video is from the Canadian Youth Delegation. Canada is one of the contries with the worst emissions reduction targets, commitments to financing sustainable development, and overall attitude. Check out this courageous young person giving an emotional appeal to her country’s lead negotiator:

Young people from across the world are united in demanding that their respective nations set aside their ego and agree to a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty. Unfortunately many nations are still under the tight grip of Big Oil and King Coal and are unwilling to take a stance for their people and against the destructive ways of the past. It is inspiring to know that the Millennial generation is united in this, but saddening to think that by the time we take over it might be too late to save millions of lives of people in the developing world.

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