$#*! My Texas AG Says: “It is almost the height of insanity of bureaucracy to have the EPA regulating something that is emitted by all living things.

You can’t make this crap up. KERA Dallas reports (with audio!):

Texas is the only state that has refused to establish a greenhouse gas permit process….

[Texas AG Greg] Abbott: “Congress did not authorize the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases. One of the key greenhouse gases the EPA is regulating is carbon dioxide. It is almost the height of insanity of bureaucracy to have the EPA regulating something that is emitted by all living things.”

So the EPA shouldn’t regulate the discharge from living things. I guess the Texas AG just wants crap all over the place. Literally. [Insert your joke about sewage treatment here.]


Of course, the carbon dioxide emissions from living things don’t throw the carbon-cycle horribly out of balance — industrial emission do (see “Humans boosting CO2 14,000 times faster than nature, overwhelming slow negative feedbacks”).

The science has become increasingly clear that unrestricted emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel combustion poses the gravest of threats to human health and well-being (see “A stunning year in climate science reveals that human civilization is on the precipice” and “Science stunner: On our current emissions path, CO2 levels in 2100 will hit levels last seen when the Earth was 29°F (16°C) hotter”). And such emissions directly poison the ocean (see “Geological Society: Acidifying oceans spell marine biological meltdown “by end of century”).

Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court understands that:

EPA Regional Director Al Armendariz says the EPA has a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on its side.

Armendariz: “As a direct result of the Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts vs. the EPA, greenhouse gases are federally regulated pollutants. Any major source of greenhouse gas emissions that undergoes new construction or major modifications is going to need authorization and permits under the Clean Air Act.”

Armendariz says Texas leads the nation in carbon dioxide emissions. He says there are 167 businesses that would be affected by the new greenhouse gas permits.

William Shatner will play the part of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in the TV version of the Texas farce.

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