National Review: Obama ‘frequently forgoes the necktie’…just like the Iranian regime does.

One of the right wing’s favorite petty complaints about the Obama administration is over its dress code. Former Bush chief of staff Andrew Card has said that President Obama has brought a “kind of locker room experience” to the White House. The Washington Times yesterday published an account from an “observant source” who complained that “[f]lip-flops, tennis shoes, unbuttoned dress shirts with ties, and casual wear are now in style at the White House. Razors are out for men. Many male staffers seem to shave every couple of days.” Today, Andy McCarthy at the Corner takes another shot and in the same breath, invokes a comparison to the Iranian regime:

Derb, I’ve noticed that President Obama frequently forgoes the necktie — lately, even in public appearances. That reminded me — I have no idea why — that the Iranian regime has shunned the necktie ever since Khomeini pronounced it a symbol of Western decadence.

ThinkProgress has not yet found any correlation between how well a man does as President and how often he wears a necktie. And not surprisingly, the American public doesn’t think it’s a big deal either. But for the record, while President, Bush also occasionally ditched his tie:

Earlier this year, White House adviser David Axelrod responded to Card’s criticisms, saying, “We’re wearing short sleeves because we have to roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess that we inherited.”