National Security Brief: April 5, 2012

— Reuters reports that the China P&I; Club, a major Chinese ship insurer, will halt indemnity cover for tankers carrying Iranian oil starting in July, “dealing a blow that narrows the insurance options for Tehran’s main export already constricted by payment barriers caused by Western sanctions.”

— U.S. officials have given the National Journal details about what is likely to be the last major U.S. offensive in Afghanistan, which includes and “attempt to better secure Kabul as well as Afghanistan’s porous border with Pakistan before the American exit from the country accelerates.”

— Violence continues in Syria, despite the government’s agreement to stop the fighting by April 10. A senior U.N. official is set to seek President Bashar al-Assad’s agreement for 250 unarmed U.N. observers to monitor the ceasefire.

— Israeli police officials said today at least one rocket fired from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt struck the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat overnight, causing alarm but no injuries.


— Center for Democracy and Technology said yesterday that many of the cybersecurity proposals circulating on Capitol Hill could open a back door to vast government surveillance.

— Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday that the Obama administration would begin easing some sanctions on Myanmar, lifting restrictions on U.S. investments in the country in response to its decision to embrace democratic reforms.