National Security Brief: Egypt President Shakes Up Military

– President Mohammed Morsi shook up Egyptian power structures by dismissing, among others, defense minister Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and the transitional military council head Lt. Gen. Sami Anan. Morsi took for himself extraordinary powers that had belonged to the figures as part of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the transitional military authority that took power after the government fell last year.

– Fighting continued to rage in the Syria’s two largest cities — Damascus and Aleppo — as opposition figures called on the international community to impose a no-fly zone.

– Afghanistan’s intelligence service said it arrested for Afghans and a Pakistani who were plotting to attack the country’s parliament and launch other attacks, capping off a weekend where attacks on international coalition troops by Afghan forces underscored the chaotic security environment.

– An Israeli deputy foreign minister called on the Western powers in ongoing talks with Iran over its nuclear program to “declare today that the talks have failed” while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the security threat as Israel ran domestic security drills.