National Security Brief: French Call For Interim Government In Syria

— French President Francois Hollande said France will recognize a interim government as soon as it has been formed, making him “the first Western leader to call on Syria’s rebel movement to form a provisional government.”

— Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is sending hundreds of troops to Syria to assist Bashar al-Assad’s government fight rebel forces.

— Syrian government warplanes pounded rebel positions outside Damascus yesterday and in Washington, the Free Syrian Army’s representatives are asking for a no-fly zone.

— Prosecutors in Georgia told a judge yesterday that four Army soldiers killed a former comrade and his girl friend to protect an anarchist militia group they formed that stockpiled assault weapons and plotted to overthrow the government.


— Human Rights Watch criticized the Palestinian Authority for failing to prosecute members of the security forces over years of alleged beatings and abuse of protesters, journalists and detainees.