National Security Brief: Israeli High Court Orders Settlement Evacuation

— Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that Migron, the largest unauthorized Jewish settlement in the West Bank, must be evacuated by next Tuesday. Late last year, residents of Migron attacked the Israeli military in response to a previous court ruling that the settlement be dismantled. Defense Minister Ehud Barak called the incident “homegrown terror.”

— The Los Angeles Times reports: “A gunman in an Afghan army uniform killed three Western troops Wednesday, the NATO force said. That brought the number of ‘insider’ shooting deaths in August to 15, the most in a single month since the start of the war nearly 11 years ago.”

— American officials are reportedly training Syrians on how to govern local towns freed from the grip of Bashar al-Assad’s government.

— A former member of the opposition Syrian National Council has said that the group is not able to challenge Assad’s power structure because of internal divisions.


— From the Wall Street Journal: “The Iranian scientist considered Tehran’s atomic-weapons guru until he was apparently sidelined several years ago is back at work, according to United Nations investigators and U.S. and Israeli officials, sparking fresh concerns about the status of Iran’s nuclear program.”