National Security Brief: Pentagon Going Over Budget

— The Congressional Budget Office said that the five-year spending plan outlined by the Pentagon earlier this year would cost $123 billion more than DOD projected and would violate budget limits set by Congress.

— While Iran beefs up its presence in the Strait of Hormuz with mini-submarines and “SEAL-like frogmen,” the U.S. Navy is set to deploy “tiny underwater drones to the Persian Gulf to help find and destroy sea mines.”

— Iran is reportedly beginning to debate publicly whether its worth continuing to back the Syrian regime. Meanwhile, U.S. officials say Iran’s role on Syria has not been productive.

— National Journal reports: “A panel of security experts urged Congress on Wednesday to do something — anything — to combat cyberthreats to the United States.


— The Washington Post reports: “A report by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to be released Thursday concludes that Mexico’s deployment of its military to fight organized crime has been ineffective and may have increased sensational killings by fragmenting crime mafias into warring bands.”