National Security Brief: Romney To Re-Live Cold War In Poland

— Mitt Romney is on his way to Poland today where he will “wrap himself in the symbolism of the Cold War” after a contentious visit with the British and a stop in Israel that saw the presumptive GOP presidential nominee attack President Obama and lay out a more militaristic policy toward Iran.

— Syria’s foreign minister blamed Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar for the escalating violence in Syria and vowed to defeat rebel fighters in Aleppo.

— The Los Angeles Times reports: Egypt’s recent election of an Islamist president has rekindled a long-suppressed display of public piousness that has aroused both “moral vigilantism” and personal acts of faith, such as demands that police officers and flight attendants be allowed to grow beards. Scattered incidents of violence and intimidation do not appear to have been organized, but they represent a disturbing trend in Egypt’s transition to democracy.

— Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said yesterday that he does not think Israel has made the decision to strike Iran and that his goal in meeting with Israeli officials this week is to strengthen ties with the U.S.


— The Pentagon is reportedly beginning to consider the possibility of automatic military spending cuts going into effect at the beginning of next year.