National Security Brief: Romney’s ‘Me Too’ Foreign Policy

— CNN takes notice: “Tuesday’s speech by Mitt Romney laying out his foreign policy plans, at some points seemed not only vague, but not very different from President Barack Obama’s positions in key areas.”

— Al-Qaeda has helped changed the nature of the conflict in Syria, “injecting the weapon it perfected in Iraq — suicide bombings — into the battle against President Bashar al-Assad with growing frequency.”

— The Syrian military has reportedly introduced fighter jets into its conflict with Syrian rebels, bombing positions in Aleppo, the nation’s largest city.

— The Washington Post reports: “The skies over Somalia have become so congested with drones that the unmanned aircraft pose a danger to air traffic and potentially violate a long-standing arms embargo against the war-torn country, according to United Nations officials.”


— Senate Intelligence Committee chair Diane Feinstein (D-CA) backtracked from her comments that the White House was responsible for recent national security leaks. “I stated that I did not believe the president leaked classified information,” Feinstein said in the statement on Tuesday. “I shouldn’t have speculated beyond that, because the fact of the matter is I don’t know the source of the leaks.”