National Security Brief: Syrian Refugees Pouring In To Jordan

The Jordanians were forced to open a second camp for incoming refugees from the civil war in Syria. The camp is funded by the United Arab Emirates and operated by its Red Crescent Society, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Andrew Harper, the U.N. refugee agency representative in Jordan, said the camp has been constructed to a much higher standard than the previous one in Jordan, but added, “when we have thousands coming across every month, it’s not possible to keep those standards in the other camps.”

The previous camp was built to withstand around 50,000 refugees but it has since housed more than twice that number.

United Nations officials said this monththat the international body is running out of money to deal with the refugees flowing from Syria to neighboring countries. To date, more than 1 million Syrians have fled the country since the uprising began two years ago. Nearly 4 million have been internally displaced.


In other news:

  • Defense News reports: The U.S. Defense Department unveiled a $527 billion budget request for fiscal 2014 Wednesday, a spending plan $52 billion above federal spending caps.
  • Bloomberg reports: The Obama administration plans to boost U.S. spending on computer network security, including a 21 percent increase at the Pentagon, after reports of rising cyber attacks and electronic theft of secrets linked to China.