NBC’s Mitchell likens McCain-Palin media restrictions to experiences in North Korea, Syria, and Sudan.

Yesterday, media covering Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) visit to the United Nations revolted when the McCain-Palin campaign tried to back out of its promise to allow journalists to cover the governor’s meetings with various world leaders. Last night on MSNBC, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell compared the whole affair to her experiences trying to cover the regimes in North Korea, Syria, and Sudan:

MADDOW: You have covered these sort of high level meetings with foreign dignitaries, getting at least one editorial staff member in the room to represent the entire network is standard practice, right?

MITCHELL: It is standard practice. It’s standard for the White House, for the State Department. And often we are in foreign countries where it is not standard practice, like in Pyongyang or in Damascus.

Watch it:


As Maddow noted earlier in the segment, “[T]his isn’t North Korea, we don’t just do pure photo ops with no questions.”

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