Nebraska Senator Seeks To Ban All Municipal LGBT Protections

Nebraska state Sen. Beau McCoy (NP) has introduced a bill (LB 912) that would prevent municipalities across the state from creating any nondiscrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity:

MCCOY: It just merely says that if we’re going to change the protected classes … we need to come to the Capitol to do it so that it’s consistent across the state. If it’s the right thing to do, it ought to be the right thing to do border-to-border, not just in one city or municipality. Nebraskans want uniformity. If it’s discrimination in Omaha, why wouldn’t it be the same in Scottsbluff, Gering, Kearney, Grand Island, you name it?

McCoy’s duplicitous interest in “uniformity” ignores that his bill mirrors a Tennessee law passed last year that specifically targeted the LGBT community for discrimination. In fact, the anti-LGBT Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT) scripted the debate on that bill by cloaking its biased impact with economic rhetoric. The law’s passage invalidated LGBT protections that had recently been passed in Nashville.

If McCoy truly wanted consistent nondiscrimination policies across the state of Nebraska, he would propose a bill that protected sexual orientation and gender identity for the entire state. That he’s seeking to prevent such protections demonstrates his commitment to making sure LGBT people’s identities are enough to disqualify them from employment. (HT: Aksarbent.)