Nelson on Goldfarb’s Offutt rumor: ‘Yellow journalism at its worst.’

On his Fox News show yesterday, Glenn Beck accused the Obama administration of actions that “border on treason” because of a dubious rumor floated by the Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb that the White House threatened to close an Air Force base in Nebraska if Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) didn’t vote for health care reform. The rumor has been denied by both the White House and Nelson’s office. On his radio show yesterday, Beck told Goldfarb that “Nelson’s not going to come out and say this is true,” but “that’s exactly what he should do.” Listen here:


In a conference call with Nebraska reporters yesterday, Nelson said that’s indeed what he would do if…it were true. But he isn’t saying it’s true because it’s not true. “If I had been threatened, I would have gone public with it,” said Nelson, who called suggestions of a trade-off “yellow journalism at its worst.”