New Ad Mocks API’s Vote 4 Energy Campaign: “I Vote, But I Prefer to Buy Other People’s Votes”

The American Petroleum Institute rolled out it’s latest multi-media assault this week to convince voters and politicians to continue supporting the fossil-fueled status quo. The campaign comes just as the primary election season reaches a fever pitch, and is designed to keep political hopefuls focused on “brown jobs.”

API’s newest television ad, which supposedly portrays grassroots supporters expressing their love of oil and gas, was recently shown by undercover activists to be nothing more than a scripted job. Not much of a surprise, perhaps.


It’s tough to hit back with the same amount of money deployed for a campaign like this (the cost of which API won’t disclose.) So why not hit back with humor? Here’s an ad mocking the “I Vote 4 Energy” television spots, produced by PolluterWatch: