New Bernstein Book On Hillary Provides Platform For Sexist Remarks

Carl Bernstein has published a new book about Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), in large part featuring “assertions and anecdotes” about Clinton’s career that have been published previously.

In addition to these “scoops” (described as “not of the bombshell variety” by Time’s Jay Carney), Bernstein’s book offers a forum for numerous demeaning sexist attacks, such as claims that Hillary is not as “intrinsically bright” as her husband.

Some of the offensive lines come in the form of quotations, others are commentary from Bernstein himself. Among the most offensive is offered by long-time Clinton enemy Dick Morris, who likens giving advice to Hillary to feeding a dog:

“I would talk to Bill constantly about the advice that I’d give Hillary and he would pass it on,” said Morris… And “Bill said ‘She’s following your advice.’ And I had a line, which was perhaps too unequivocal, I’d say, ‘yeah, we put out the dog food at night, and in the morning the dish is empty.’” (p. 420)

TalkLeft’s Jeralyn Merritt has highlighted several additional quotes:

“’At first, she didn’t wear stockings. … Her hair was friend into an Orphan Annie perm. … There wasn’t one…feminine thing about her.’” (p. 130)

“Hillary’s weight was a regular topic of conversation, spurred by her inability to shed the few pounds that would have made her more attractive.” (p.130)

“Many colleagues of the Clintons had concluded that Hillary was not as intrinsically bright as her husband.” (p. 274)

“Her ankles were thick.” (p. 32)

“[S]he was rarely, if ever, deferential. It had never been her style nor would it ever be.” (p. 130).

“’She had an opinion on everything. … Issues. People. Where Bill was going to speak. I mean everything.’” (p. 165)

“[S]he was no longer wearing her trademark headbands…she had ‘zipped her lip’ and now gazed lovingly and silently at her husband from a wifely vantage point.” (p. 208).

While not quite Imus, Bernstein’s book appears to give a platform to anyone with pedantic, sexist things to say about Hillary.