New Mexicans Rally Against Homophobic Mega Pastor, Confronted With ‘Ex-Gay’ Convert

LGBT equality activists in New Mexico protested a local pastor on Sunday for opposing Gov. Susana Martinez’s (R) appointment of Doug Howe, a gay man, to the Public Regulation Commission. Pastor Steve Smothermon of One Legacy Church told, a local political blog, last month that Martinez “looked me in the eye personally and said she’s socially conservative… she wouldn’t espouse the homosexual agenda.” He said Howe’s appointment “goes against that”:

“These aren’t the people we voted for you to appoint. We voted for you to appoint people who think like we do,” he said, adding that he is “not against the human being, but the lifestyle and the political power that the homosexual agenda has today, as a lobbying agenda, that’s what I begin to come against.” […]

On Sunday, Smothermon, speaking to his 20,000-member congregation, drew applause for saying he wouldn’t apologize for insisting on “our right to hold a biblical world view,” the newspaper reported.

“Just like the mayor, if you campaign as a conservative, and you say you will govern as a conservative, I have an expectation when you say to me that you will do what you said, and hire and appoint people that are conservatives,” the Journal quoted Smothermon as saying. “I’m just a pastor of a church in this state that believes that people ought to keep their word,” he said.


Watch a local news report on the protest:

Martinez’ office is defending Howe, arguing that he “was the most-qualified applicant for the vacancy.” Meanwhile, at Sunday’s rally, One Legacy Church member, Michael Angel Gutierrez, told the protesters he had been gay for 25 years, but “because of the truth that God has revealed to me, I’m no longer a homosexual man.”