New Revelations Raise Questions About Justice Sotomayor’s Temperament

It seems that Sonia Sotomayor celebrated her official ascension to the Supreme Court with a little dance party at the Irish Channel Pub in Chinatown here in DC:

Now as Sommer Mathis notes, this is a terrible bar:

That Sotomayor went out dancing and sang karaoke in a local bar makes us supremely happy. We have high hopes that the justice will quickly become a visible fixture in our city. But Sonia, sweetheart, the Irish Channel? The last resort of visiting hockey fans and tourists staying at the Red Roof Inn who have no better ideas of where to go? DCist will admit to knocking a few pints back at the Irish Channel in emergency situations, but nearly every time we’ve been chased out by the unmistakable ambiance of lonely desperation (or a painfully bad cover band).


The Irish Channel Pub is, technically speaking, the closest bar to my apartment. Consequently, I not only have at times knocked a few pints back there, but have even been known to lean on people to go there. But this is a really bad bar. The worst bar in the city, I would say. Chinatown features any number of not-so-appealing bars, but they’re definitely all better than Irish Channel.


I’ve gotten pushback on this “worst” claim from a number of people and the fact of the matter is that I’m wrong. The trouble with trying to think of what the worst bar is, is that I try to stay away from really bad bars. Irish Channel is both very close to my apartment and not good. But there are worse places out there — Rumors, Tom Tom, etc. — and I’m sorry for smearing the Channel.