New ThinkProgress Fellows Program: Get Paid To Blog

Earlier this year, ThinkProgress introduced a Blog Fellows Program and solicited interested applicants. Fortunately, we received hundreds of fantastic applications.

Our original plan was to pick only two fellows who would serve six-month terms. Given the high quality of applicants who applied, we found it extremely difficult to pick just two.

So, we went back to the drawing board and completely retooled the program. Today, we’re pleased to announce the new Blog Fellows Program that makes it possible for many more people to participate…and be compensated! Here’s how the new program works:

From now on, any reader who submits a blog post through the Blog Fellows Program application process that we select to publish on ThinkProgress will be paid $50, in the same way freelance writers are paid for contributions to magazines. The post will include your byline and a link to your blog/website, if applicable.


— A six-month blog fellowship will still be awarded under the new program. Individuals who ThinkProgress believes exhibit a demonstrated record of submitting quality posts on a frequent basis may be extended an offer to serve as Blog Fellows. Blog Fellows will serve six-month terms, earn a monetary stipend ($3,000), and receive paid travel to Washington D.C. for a weekend of training at the Center for American Progress. We hope to award blog fellowships to 2 or 3 individuals each six-month period.

You can read the full guidelines for submissions HERE, but they’re pretty simple. On the right hand side of the ThinkProgress homepage, you’ll see a new icon that says “Submit a blog post.” Any time you have an idea for a post, simply click on that icon and follow the directions. If we publish your work, you’ll get a $50 check in the mail.