New U.S. Attorney Nominee’s 1998 Campaign Was Run By Rove-Protege Tim Griffin

The controversial U.S. attorney in Arkansas, Tim Griffin, has resigned, effective June 1.

While no replacement has been named, ThinkProgress spoke with Rep. John Boozman’s (R-AR) office earlier this month, who confirmed that on March 30, the congressman submitted three names to the White House to replace Griffin. His office said that it has not heard from the administration on the state of the process.

One of the candidates put forward by Boozman is former Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court Betty C. Dickey. Dickey has longstanding ties to Griffin, who managed her unsuccessful 1998 state attorney general race against Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR). She has also publicly spoken out in support of Rove-protege Griffin:

“Tim Griffin is a fine young man and he is a good attorney, and sometimes partisan politics is a problem, in both parties,” said Betty Dickey, a Democrat-turned-Republican who has been acting chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court.


Griffin worked on Dickey’s unsuccessful 1998 campaign for attorney general. She lost that race to Pryor.

Griffin formerly served as the research director of the Republican National Committee and his history of running campaigns is troubling. In 2004, BBC News published a report showing that Griffin led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of African-American servicemembers in Florida in the 2004 election.

Pryor has not yet said whether or not he will lend his support to Boozman’s nominees.

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