New Washington Post Blogger Shared Stage With Far-Right Anti-Islam Activist Geert Wilders

On Wednesday, the Washington Post announced a new blog written by conservative religious activist Jordan Sekulow (son of Jay Sekulow, who heads the conservative outfit American Center for Law and Justice).

In addition to peddling the historically revisionist claim that “the United States is a Christian nation” — Sekulow believes “America has a special relationship with God” — he’s also part of the “creeping sharia” crowd, writing of Oklahoma’s ban on sharia law, “The threat of Sharia law is real and the people of Oklahoma are ahead of the curve.”

On September 11, 2010, Sekulow spoke at a Manhattan rally protesting the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center (which, like event organizer Pamela Geller, he refers to as a “shrine to terror”) alongside far-right Dutch anti-Islam activist Geert Wilders. Watch it:


In an article on conservatives’ embrace of Islamophobia, journalist Michelle Goldberg wrote, “A new type of religious bigotry has entered American politics, one more blatant than anything we’ve seen since the Twin Towers fell.” By giving Sekulow a platform, the Washington Post is legitimizing that bigotry.