New website to help young people take action for the climate

[One of my sister websites, CampusProgress, has launched a new site you might want to share with any young people you know interested in climate action. Here is their PR.]

Amidst young people’s growing concerns about the state of the environment, today Campus Progress launched a new comprehensive campaign and website, Polar Opposites, offering information and resources for young people who want to take action to help combat climate change on their campuses, in their communities and in their daily lives.

More and more, Americans are coming to realize that the climate crisis goes far beyond the plight of the polar bear. The effects on wildlife are devastating, but Hurricane Katrina, the asthma epidemic sweeping our cities, and the economic and social toll of mountaintop removal coal mining demonstrate that the climate and energy crisis are already having a tragic human impact. As such, the cornerstone of the new campaign is a PSA that begs the question: why does it take a polar bear to get people to care about climate change?

“As recent polling among young voters has shown, climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation, and a major issue driving young people to vote this November. And yet, it’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a problem as complex and wide-spread as climate change,” said Tommaso Boggia, Climate Advocacy Associate for Campus Progress. “By providing young people with the actionable resources they need to jump in with both feet, Campus Progress’ Polar Opposites campaign shows them that it’s not hard to make a difference and that every little bit counts.”


Action-oriented resources available on the Polar Opposites site include:

  • Speak Out for Climate: Information on ways to engage public officials and hold them accountable for addressing the climate crisis; resources for students looking to start action campaigns on their campus or in their community
  • Green Your Community: Resources to help young people host events, screenings of powerful environmental justice films, finance their campaigns and connect to the Campus Climate Challenge, the national youth climate movement
  • Clean Up Your Act: Tips and easy solutions for young people to green their daily lives in order to reduce their carbon footprint

The Polar Opposites campaign was designed in part to support Powervote, a national, non-partisan campaign to mobilize 1 million young ‘climate voters’ for the 2008 election. Powervote is an initiative of the Energy Action Coalition, of which Campus Progress is an active member. The Energy Action Coalition unites 48 organizations, over 600 local groups, and tens of thousands of young people in 56 states and provinces in an alliance that supports and strengthens the clean energy movement among students and young people in the United States and Canada. Campus Progress, launched in February 2005 at the Center for American Progress, is a comprehensive effort to help young people make their voices heard on issues that matter. Campus Progress runs a daily web magazine,; supports student publications on 50 campuses; supports local and national student issue campaigns; and has held over 350 event and film screenings. For more information, please visit Campus Progress’ website