New Wyoming Legislator Once Called For The Quarantine Of All People With HIV


Wyoming State Rep. Troy R. Mader (R), was sworn-in last week, after being selected by the Campbell County Commissioners to fill a vacancy. While he claims he will focus his legislative efforts on promoting “limited government,” the Wyoming-based political site WyPols has posted excerpts from a book Mader wrote in the 1980s blaming “homosexual terrorism” for the AIDS crisis and advocating for sexual and actual quarantine of people with HIV/AIDS.

Mader, whose legislative website identifies him as a “rancher” and “researcher,” compiled and edited the 1987 book The Death Sentence of AIDS. The book, which called itself a “comprehensive source book of quotes by the world’s leading physicians, scientists, and reearchers,” contains a series of pseudo-science claims about the epidemic “homosexual lifestyles” from people like Paul Cameron, Gene Antonio, and Phyllis Schlafly.

Among the quotes he included in his collection were:

  • In the past ten years, homosexuals have asserted a right to self-expression and there has been an outburst of pent-up feeling and and overactive sexuality. Many homosexuals have more than 60 partners per year, a great preoccupation with sex, and an overactive use of masturbation, often with multiple ejaculations per day. (Robert G. Weiner)
  • Thus it appears, on the surface the homosexual subculture features religion, art, social service institutions, camaraderie, and social support for its members. Under this appearance, however, there is a world of social and individual dysfunctions, a focus on infections diseases, and in some instances, crime and even murder (Enrique Rueda)
  • Gays get AIDS because they are profoundly promiscuous, highly mobile and practice filthy sex. (Paul Cameron)

In his summary, Mader observed that while “Homosexuals are the main group of AIDS-carries in the United States,” it had spread into the general population, probably because they “purposely infected women to pass AIDS infection into the straight population.”


Mader also launched a petition endorsing “mandatory blood testing” for all U.S. residents, “sexual quarantine” (a legal prohibition on all sexual activities) for all “carriers” of the HIV virus, and “actual quarantine of all cases of ‘full-blown’ AIDS and those that violate sexual quarantine.” It also endorsed a federal law to prohibit anything that “openly condones or promotes any promiscuous sexual activity.”

While this book was published more than 25 years ago, in a time when science and attitudes toward LGBT people were different, Mader’s recent writings do not suggest much evolution in his thinking. On his “Freedom’s Struggle” website for his CD of patriotic music, he writes, “

Today “tolerance” is the politically correct. I believe tolerance is characteristic of a person who hasn’t any virtue left. And don’t forget the hypocrisy of this issue: “Tolerant” people have no tolerance for those of us who dare to say “Right is right” and “Wrong is wrong.” If all possible, we’re eliminated even from the debate. So much for tolerance. Tolerance allows tyranny and terrorism while destroying moral codes and societal norms. It ruins lives and destroys freedom.

Mader has also been a staunch opponent of environmentalism, once writing, “You know, Hitler’s plan of genocide was child’s play compared to what these eco-freaks have in store for us if they get their way. Hitler only killed millions. Environmentalists want to kill billions.” He serves as research director for a group that opposes the Endangered Species Act and wolves.