New York Senators Attacking Same-Sex Families Despite Majority Support For Marriage Equality

Three New York Senators today introduced a bill that actually takes rights away from same-sex families. Their proposed bill, S 5416, would end the state’s recognition of marriages performed out-of-state, as such:

Section 1. Section 6 of the domestic relations law is amended by adding a new subdivision 4 to read as follows:4. MARRIAGES CONTRACTED BETWEEN TWO PERSONS OF THE SAME SEX, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH MARRIAGE IS RECOGNIZED, SOLEMNIZED OR LEGAL IN ANOTHER JURISDICTION, SHALL BE CONSIDERED VOID IN NEW YORK.S 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

New York state currently recognizes the marriages of same-sex couples from other states. The push for marriage equality there should be nothing more than a debate about whether New York should profit from the tourism and fees of issuing those marriage certificates in-state. Polls consistently show a majority of New Yorkers support marriage equality and opponents even admit that “nothing would happen” if it passed.

It’s never been more clear that opponents of marriage equality are explicitly trying to harm same-sex couples by taking away important rights and protections. The bill’s sponsors, Sens. Martin Golden (R), Tom Libous (R), and Ruben Diaz (D) are not merely trying to “protect marriage”; they are openly attacking same-sex families. It should be no surprise that Diaz welcomed a religious leader to his anti-equality rally who, referring to gays and lesbians, declared “those who practice such things are worthy to death.” Proponents of this measure are ignoring the will of the people, the New York constitution, and common decency.