New York Times blames Democrats for ‘blocking’ Senate funding bill only 45 Republicans supported

Funny math.

CREDIT: Getty Images
CREDIT: Getty Images

As the nation inched closer to the first government shutdown since 2013, the New York Times figured out who to blame: Democrats.

At around 10PM, the Senate took up a procedural vote to advance a Republican plan to fund the government four additional weeks. Under Senate rules it would require 60 votes for passage. Theoretically, a majority of Republicans could have gotten behind the plan and Democrats could have “blocked” it.

But that’s not what happened. Only 45 Republican Senators supported the Republican plan.

Nevertheless, the New York Times decided that Senate Democrats were to blame for “blocking” Republican legislation that only 45 Senate Republicans supported.

The coverage from the New York Times bared a striking resemblance to the White House spin.

Unmentioned is that more than 60 Senators supported a bipartisan deal that would have provided permanent protection for DREAMers, enhanced border security and kept the government running.

Trump rejected that proposal with a racist outburst in the Oval Office.