News Video Thoroughly Debunks Trump’s Claims About 9/11. Trump Posts Clip As ‘Proof’ He Is Right.


For several days, Donald Trump has been claiming that “thousands” of Muslims were cheering the fall of the Twin Towers in New Jersey on 9/11. This claim is false and has been disproven by multiple fact checkers.

Trump supporters, in turn, cited an MTV News story that allegedly covered the “celebrating Muslims” in 2001. Debbie Schlussel, an anti-Muslim blogger who has promoted the claim relentlessly online, pointed specifically to the MTV clip as the basis for her claims, acknowledging it was not available online.

MTV has now released the clip. It doesn’t support Trump’s claim — it disproves it. The video features a woman, Emily Acevedo, who claims that on 9/11 she saw “12 or 13” kids banging on trash cans and shouting. In the original video, she said she heard the kids say “burn America.” Interviewed this month by MTV, Acevedo said that she only recalled that phrase on TV. What she saw on 9/11 was “not anything any different than would’ve happened on any other summer night,” Acevedo said.

But regardless of what the kids said, she’s been consistent that it was only a small number and not the “thousands” that Trump claimed. Further, the MTV video also features local news reports that looked into the rumors at the time and found no evidence they were true.

None of this gave Trump any pause. He simply took a short snippet of the MTV video, took it completely out of context, and pretended it supported his claim.

Trump makes no reference to the fact that rest of the video disproves his claim.