Newsweek spots lies in McCain’s NYT pushback.

Responding to yesterday’s blockbuster New York Times article, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign sent a statement to reporters claiming “no representative of Paxson or Alcalde & Fay personally asked Senator McCain to send a letter to the FCC.” But, as Newsweek reveals today, McCain admitted in a 2002 sworn deposition that he “was contacted” by the company’s head, Lowell Paxson. Here’s McCain in 2002:

ABRAMS: Do you know were they got the information?

MCCAIN: No, but I would add, I was contacted by Mr. Paxson on this issue. […]

ABRAMS: Did you speak to the company’s lobbyist about these matters?


MCCAIN: I don’t recall if it was Mr. Paxson or the company’s lobbyist or both.

ABRAMS: But you did speak to him?

MCCAIN: I’m sure I spoke with him, yes.

UPDATE: John Aravosis notes that the full context of the McCain campaign’s statement is even more damning.