Ney Blames Legal Troubles On Media, Liberal Groups, And Overzealous Justice Department

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) — known as “Representative #1” in four plea deals in the Abramoff case — insisted yesterday, “I haven’t done anything wrong.” He’s actually just the victim of a major conspiracy involving the federal government, the media, Jack Abramoff, and the “liberal establishment”:

Justice Department:

While I am very saddened to see what has happened today, I also understand that Neil [Volz] has been under tremendous pressure from the government. … For a young man like Neil, it is virtually impossible to have the financial resources to adequately defend yourself against the federal government. [5/9/06]



The last several months have not been easy. … I have seen my name savaged by the national media. [1/27/06]

Liberal groups:

I have watched as the liberal establishment in Washington engaged in a coordinated smear campaign against me. [1/27/06]

Jack Abramoff:

I, like these Indian tribes and other members of Congress, was duped by Jack Abramoff. [10/18/05]

Ney’s starting to sound a lot like Tom DeLay.