Nike Response To Graduation Madness Campaign

From: Swoosh Response Date: Mar 20, 2006 4:42 PMSubject: NCAA Academic StandardsTo:

Thank you for correspondence regarding teams participating in NCAA’s basketball tournament failing to meet minimum academic standards.

Nike is fortunate to have relationships with colleges and universities across a wide spectrum and at various division levels. We are pleased to be associated with these universities and their efforts to achieve success in the athletic arena.

Likewise, we are also aware of the diligent efforts made by all the NCAA-governed institutions to raise the graduation rate among student-athletes at their schools. We believe that school administrators and team coaches have made this issue a priority within their ranks, and are actively implementing programs that address this concern. Nike fully supports those efforts and the long-term goals of the NC AA.


Again, thanks for taking time to reach us directly regarding this issue. We value your time and opinion on this matter.


Nike Consumer Affairs