Nineteen more advertisers dump Glenn Beck.

Yesterday, ThinkProgress noted that British supermarket Waitrose had dropped all its advertising from Fox News in the UK after customer complaints about Glenn Beck. Today, Color of Change is announcing that 19 more advertisers — including Waitrose — have dumped Beck. That number includes multinational drinks company Diageo (the maker of Guinness and Johnnie Walker, among others), which has also pulled its advertising from all of Fox News in the UK. Here are some of the responses Color of Change received from Beck’s advertisers:

We are appalled at what’s going on. Metropolitan Talent Management is 100% dedicated to not buy advertising on any part of Fox News.” — Metropolitan Talent Management

— “We’re no longer going to book any of his air time. I’m really glad to be informed of what you guys are doing.” — Overture Films

— “The Seoul government has no plan to extend, resume, or add its commercial on the program. In other word [sic], there will not be Seoul commercial in the Glenn Beck program any more.” — Seoul Metropolitan Government


— “You will not see Flexitol commercials on the Glenn Beck show. Period.” — Eulactol USA, makers of Flexitol

Eighty companies have now distanced themselves from Beck since Color of Change launched its boycott in in August. Help hold Beck accountable here.