No Arrests In The Shooting Of Two Ferguson Cops. But Fox News Already Knows Who To Blame.

Around midnight Thursday, two police officers were shot and seriously injured in Ferguson. The officers were monitoring a group of protesters in front of the police station.

Thus far, there has been no arrests and “an intense manhunt for suspects” is underway.

On Fox News, however, many already know who is to blame: President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. On Fox Business, Stu Varney asked pundit Crystal Wright if the Obama administration was to blame for the shootings. Wright replied, “I think Eric Holder is largely to blame along with President Obama.”

Wright was not alone. Fox Host Lou Dobbs, appearing on Outnumbered, said, “There are so many who deserve considerable blame for fomenting an environment in which this could occur. Chief among those in my opinion are the President of the United States and the Attorney General.”


Outnumbered host Andrea Tantaros agreed, saying you could connect the shootings back to “what the administration did.”

This week, Holder released a report exposing systemic racism within the Ferguson Police Department and court system. Since the report was issued several prominent Ferguson officials mentioned in the report have resigned, including the police chief and the city manager.