NOM Attempts To Turn North Carolina African-American Voters Against President Obama

The National Organization for Marriage is following its own recipe to “drive a wedge between gays and blacks” with a new radio ad running on R&B and Urban Gospel stations in North Carolina. The ad features radical anti-gay pastor Patrick Wooden, who has called being gay a “death style” and believes gay men insert cellphones in their anuses. Wooden encourages North Carolina African-Americans to turn against President Obama because of his “strong endorsement of the homosexual movement.” NOM’s president Brian Brown defended the race-wedging ads:

BROWN: African Americans in North Carolina were quite understandably proud of Barack Obama for his historic election in 2008. But President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, his administration’s determination to repeal DOMA and the Democratic Party’s call for the repeal of North Carolina’s marriage amendment puts Obama at odds with the values of the African American community.

The goal of our advertising campaign is to issue a wake-up call to the African American community in North Carolina that President Obama does not represent the values that they have fought to protect. We urge all North Carolinians to join Dr. Wooden in rejecting the anti-family policies of President Obama this November.

Listen to the ad:


Brown is not one to be claiming any knowledge of “anti-family policies,” seeing as how he’s completely incapable of even recognizing a family when he’s in their own home. It’s also sadly ironic that NOM has spent the last two weeks trying to suggest it’s the LGBT community that incites violence, then uses a spokesperson like Wooden who believes it’s perfectly “normal” to react violently to gay people. And of course, any attempt to speak on behalf of the entire African-American community is troubling, especially given NOM’s explicit goal of “fanning the hostility” between people who are black and LGBT. NOM seems willing to sink to any depth to turn society against same-sex marriage and the loving families for whom it’s an important goal.