NOM Calls For Federal Investigation To Hide Its Own Wrongdoing

The National Organization for Marriage continues to pretend the release of its damning race-baiting confidential memos last week is not a big deal, but it is now outraged that one of its tax returns was leaked, revealing that Mitt Romney had secretly given the group $10,000 to advocate for Proposition 8 in 2008. Today, NOM’s Brian Brown demanded a federal investigation of the Human Rights Campaign and the Internal Revenue Service for the memo getting out:

BROWN: It appears that someone with either the IRS or the HRC may have committed a federal crime by illegally obtaining and then releasing a confidential tax return of the National Organization for Marriage. It’s clear that the tax return was stolen, either from NOM or from the government. The Huffington Post article says that HRC claimed they received the document from a ‘whistleblower.’ But the term ‘whistleblower’ is completely inapt. We’re talking about a criminal who has stolen confidential tax return information. We demand to know who this criminal is, whether they work for the HRC or the IRS, and how they obtained confidential tax information filed only with the US government.

“Inapt” has become NOM’s go-to word for trying to play the victim — that and “vituperative.” Both Brown and Maggie Gallagher used the same outside-the-vernacular rhetoric last week in an attempt to distance the organization from its race-baiting tactics, so its use here is conspicuous.

At question is whether or not Romney’s gift to the organization was properly disclosed. As Sam Stein pointed out when breaking the story at the Huffington Post, there is no documentation of Romney’s donation in either his own PAC’s records nor in NOM’s publicly disclosed 990 forms. The Romney campaign admitted the donation had come from the Alabama chapter of his Free and Strong America PAC, but NOM’s leaked IRS filing shows the donation coming from a PO Box in Belmont, Massachusetts. There is considerable reason to believe that Romney’s donation was intentionally hidden in violation of non-profit disclosure laws.


NOM is clearly trying to shift the blame to deflect any investigation into its own wrongdoing. Whistleblowers expose the illegal activity of their employers, so the evidence suggests the term is anything but “inapt.”