NOM Claims Delaware’s Civil Unions Were ‘A Trojan Horse,’ Not A ‘Compromise’

The National Organization for Marriage is frantically trying to organize against marriage equality in Delaware, even though the legislation is expected to pass fairly easily. A House committee already advanced the bill this week with a 4–1 vote. NOM’s urgent email sent out on Thursday points out that Delaware does not have a referendum process, so once marriage for same-sex couples is law, there is no popular mechanism for undoing it. Furthermore, NOM is quite bitter that the civil unions passed two years ago are already giving way to marriage, calling them a “Trojan Horse”:

So much for civil unions being a compromise.

Just two years ago, gay marriage advocates pushed through a civil unions bill, claiming it would be a compromise that respected the definition of marriage and the rights of religious believers, while at the same time guaranteeing protections for same-sex couples.

And once again, civil unions are being exposed as nothing more than a Trojan Horse.

NOM has consistently proven it’s duplicity when it comes to the flip-flopping positions it takes on civil unions. In Rhode Island, where NOM has been more active in the past, the organization strongly opposed civil unions, but when The Ocean State began considering marriage, NOM suddenly began defending civil unions. It is now attempting this same tactic in Delaware, claiming that civil unions are good because they “guarantee protections” for same-sex couples and were a “compromise,” even though NOM has never actually demonstrated concern for same-sex couples, let alone agreed to support civil unions.


It’s worth noting that NOM’s email is also rife with violent rhetoric: Delaware is a “target” that same-sex marriage activists “have already placed… in the crosshairs,” “support the battle for marriage,” “this is a critical fight,” and of course the Trojan Horse was a war tactic. With such rhetoric trying to prevent same-sex families from enjoying legal protections, it’s hard to actually believe NOM has any concern for those couples’ “protections,” which makes this rhetorical strategy the real Trojan Horse.