NOM Endorses Potential Of Ex-Gay Therapy

Jennifer Roback Morse, president of the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute, is the latest conservatives to object to California’s new law banning ex-gay therapy for minors. Yesterday on Lutheran Public Radio’s Issues, Etc., Morse claimed to have met people who have changed their orientation and argued that therapy can, in her words, lessen the “cravings” and provide “relief from some of the symptoms” of homosexuality:

MORSE: And there are, in fact, documented cases of people who seek therapy, who seek help for changing their sexual orientation who have received some benefit from that therapy as they define it — who have received a lessening of the cravings, who have received a release from some of the more compulsive aspects of their behavior and so on. So I think we know that it is possible to have some relief from some of the symptoms, even if we don’t fully understand how it works and even if it doesn’t work for everyone, so on and so forth.

Listen to it, via Equality Matters:

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Morse’s comments confirm that NOM still has a pre-1973 conception of sexual orientation, treating homosexuality as a chosen set of disordered behaviors instead of a healthy, innate identity. As always, the campaign against marriage equality is driven by misinformation and stigmatization against gays and lesbians, not any justifiable concern for “traditional marriage” or children.