NOM Endorses ‘Right To Refuse Service To Anybody’ For Being Gay

Last week, a Hawaii judge ruled that a bed & breakfast broke the law when it refused service to a same-sex couple, a ruling which the National Organization for Marriage took particular exception to. As expected, NOM claimed that the B&B owner was being told he “had NO first amendment rights when it came to renting out rooms at his own business.” And even though Hawaii doesn’t even have marriage equality, NOM suggested that “cases such as this one are only more frequent and harder to fight against where marriage is redefined.” It’s unclear how a change in marriage law would impact the enforcement of nondiscrimination protections, but NOM seems to believe it does.

What’s most notable about NOM’s response, however, is the signage used in images on its Facebook page and blog in association with this story. Both contained the message, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”:

Uncle Sam adds, “This Includes YOU”:

NOM used scare quotes to describe the B&B owner’s “discrimination,” but discrimination is discrimination, with or without such quotes. By using such provocative signing, the group has extended its message from simply opposing marriage equality to promoting outright discrimination against the LGBT community, regardless of what it calls such refusals of service.