NOM: It’s A ‘False Claim’ That The Boy Scouts ‘Supposedly’ Discriminated Against Gay Members

A California bill has failed that would have stripped organizations like the Boy Scouts of America that discriminate based on sexual orientation of their tax exempt status. Though it passed overwhelmingly in the state Senate last May, it could not garner the two-thirds vote it needed in the Assembly.

The National Organization for Marriage was quick to applaud SB 323’s defeat, because according to NOM President Brian Brown, it would “punish groups that refused to embrace the radical homosexual agenda including same-sex marriage.” What’s more galling about NOM’s press release is its skepticism that the Boy Scouts discriminated in the first place:

SB 323 was originally aimed at the Boy Scouts, falsely claiming that they engaged in discriminatory practices by supposedly not accepting homosexual members. But the fact is that the bill would have punished any type of group with traditional values, and allowed only liberal groups that affirm the homosexual agenda to enjoy a tax exemption.

It’s a very true claim that the Boy Scouts discriminated and there’s nothing “supposed” about it. In fact, the organization still discriminates against gay Scout leaders, though gay Scouts are now allowed. NOM is trying to defend its ability to advocate for anti-gay discrimination, but the group apparently cannot even recognize explicit intentional discrimination when it’s openly acknowledged.