NOM: Marriage Equality Is Worse Than Divorce Or Death

The National Organization for Marriage is not happy that marriage equality has successfully advanced in Rhode Island, a sentiment probably enhanced by NOM’s unique dedication of specific resources in that state. Reacting to Wednesday’s Senate vote, Brian Brown made a bold new comparison, suggesting that same-sex couples do more to destroy marriage than divorce or death:

BROWN: The Senate has abandoned society’s most important institution and put their constituents on a collision course with the law. Lawmakers have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking they have protected people of faith when in fact they have put those who believe in true marriage in the crosshairs of the law and gay ‘marriage’ activists. It won’t be long before the repercussions begin to be felt.

For the first time, the state of Rhode Island is saying to its children they do not deserve both a mother and a father, and are backing a law that is designed to intentionally deprive some kids of either a mom or a dad. It’s bad enough when families break down through divorce or death, but it’s unconscionable when a state encourages this through policies that deprive children of the love of both a mother and a father. This is a very sad day for Rhode Island.

With every loss, NOM’s true colors become more revealed. Once again disregarding how same-sex families will benefit from the protections of marriage, Brown has admitted he actually believes having two moms or two dads is worse for children than losing a parent to divorce or death. This comment follows in the same week that NOM tried to fundraise off the fear that children might learn LGBT people exist, endorsed blatant discrimination against LGBT people, and defended the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay Scouts. For an organization that supposedly focuses on the issue of marriage, NOM seems increasingly concerned with preventing LGBT people from participating in society whatsoever.