NOM Only Wants Kids To Hear Negative Messages About ‘Evil’ Gays

The National Organization for Marriage is continuing its migration from a polished message about “traditional family” and “protecting children” to one that better resembles other “family” hate groups, revealing the clear anti-gay animus that motivates their opposition to marriage equality. This descent includes partnering with ex-gay advocates and promoting their harmful therapy, directly attacking same-sex families for having kids, and defending those who vomit at the thought of same-sex marriage. But NOM’s new chairman, Dr. John Eastman, summarizes the organization’s new approach best in a recent interview, in which he explained the importance of teaching children that homosexuality is evil:

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER: Those fighting for traditional marriage can feel beaten down by the culture at large. Do you feel that victory for traditional marriage is possible?

EASTMAN: Evil will be with us always, and it requires constant vigilance to defeat. I look at it as a litigator and an educator. There will always be threats to institutions grounded in human nature by those who think human nature doesn’t define limits. We need to be involved in the immediate defense of threats against marriage, but also take a long-range view by educating the next generation about the importance of the issues we’re confronting.

NOM has waged entire campaigns against same-sex marriage on the notion that children will somehow be harmed if they learn about homosexuality. In fact, just last week NOM president Brian Brown was calling on supporters to support the signature collection effort to repeal California’s FAIR Education Act — not because it has anything to do with marriage, but because it will “force schools to teach students (even kindergartners!) about homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism as part of a social science curriculum.” But Eastman’s response reveals that the organization has no problem with children learning about homosexuality in schools, so long as all the messages they teach them that homosexuality is “evil.”


This is a concerted effort to demonize LGBT people, and with an admitted focus on making sure young people absorb this stigmatizing rhetoric, NOM is directly contributing to the rampant anti-gay and anti-trans bullying that is overwhelming young people in schools. Not only does the group engage in such bullying, it encourages and condones others to do the same.