NOM Prays For Gays’ ‘Conversion’ Because They Are ‘Deeply Wounded Spiritually’

The National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute is once again promoting ex-gay therapy, though in a slightly coded manner. The group’s “Prayer Chain” implores supporters to pray for gay people’s “conversion” because they are “deeply wounded spiritually”:

Many of the people who appear to be our enemies, are deeply wounded spiritually. Winning political battles will not be enough! We must pray fervently that each and every person participating in sexual sin has a complete conversion of mind and heart. That is why I would like to enroll you as a member of the Ruth Institute Prayer Chain.

The Ruth Institute is currently praying for Point Loma Nazarene University’s success at blocking the formation of an LGBT student group:

WE PRAY: “That Christian colleges and universities of all denominations would boldly and lovingly teach the ancient Christian truths about marriage, family, and human sexuality, to their students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.


Though “conversion” is open to interpretation — ex-gay vs. Christian — it is more likely the former given the Ruth Institute’s propensity for promoting ex-gay therapy. Executive Director Jennifer Roback Morse has routinely endorsed the harmful treatment.