NOM Pushes Self-Victimization With New ‘Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance’

In addition to a new chair, the National Organization for Marriage now has a new effort in place to push the absurd idea that those who oppose same-sex marriage are the real victims of harassment and intimidation. The new “Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance” is supposed to “protect and defend religious freedom”:

The goal of the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance is to create a supportive community for those who have been threatened for standing for marriage, to nip the climate of fear being created in the bud, to expose for fair-minded Americans on both sides of the debate the threats being made, to conduct high-quality qualitative and quantitative research documenting the extent of the harm, to develop legislative and community proposal to protect Americans right to engage in the core civil rights: to organize, to vote, to speak, to donate, and to write for marriage.

Isolated and alone, we can be suppressed and intimidated. Together we are too many to be treated as second-class citizens.

Despite supposed concern for “both sides of the debate,” NOM has nothing to say for the true violence and harassment that gays and lesbians face. In fact, the poster-child for this new “alliance” is none other than Dr. Frank Turek. He tells a compelling story about losing his job for being a public opponent of same-sex marriage, but in reality, Turek regularly promotes incredibly dangerous ideas. Jeremy Hooper points out that Turek believes “gay people are embracing harmful, ‘illegitimate’ and ‘changeable’ behavior — behavior on par with that of sociopaths, alcoholics, or even gay-bashers.” NOM is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and any claims of “defamation” are a red herring for the damage they do to same-sex families. NOM is a bully and NOM defends bullies.


The alliance is funded through NOM’s 501(c)3 arm; ThinkProgress published the names of some of the organization’s top donors last month.


NOM’s former chair, Maggie Gallagher, will be heading up the new “alliance.”